MoEDAL Timepix cluster data for Panoptes 101

2015-09-23T09:33:38Z (GMT) by Tom Whyntie
<p>This data set contains Timepix data from the MoEDAL experiment that can be used with the Zooniverse's Panoptes tool to create a Citizen Science project for cluster classification.</p> <p><strong>Run ID</strong>: F03-W0098_2013-02-13-043818 </p> <p><strong>Chip ID</strong>: F03-W0098</p> <p><strong>Start time</strong>: Wednesday 13th February 04:38:18.926274</p> <p><strong>Trigger conditions</strong>: frame contains one cluster with a size of at least 100 pixels.</p> <p>Please unzip the file to access the data. The cluster images to used in with Panoptes can be found in the directory:</p> <p>F03-W0098/2013-02-13-043818/PAN</p> <p>This also contains the <em>manifest file</em> you will need to describe the <em>subjects</em> (images).</p>



CC BY 4.0