Misinterpretation of 'p' (2000) (3e)

2013-06-21T01:53:36Z (GMT) by J Perezgonzalez
<p>Haller and Krauss <em>(2000)</em> carried out a study on common misinterpretations of tests of significance among German psychology students and academics, which partly replicates one done by Oakes <em>(1986)</em>. Haller and Krauss found that most participants held at least one misinterpretation; that, overall, 100% of psychology students held one or more misinterpretations, almost 90% of psychology researchers also held one or more misinterpretations, and 80% of instructors of statistics in psychology also held one or more misinterpretations. The authors thought worrisome the high percentage of instructors with misinterpretations, as these may pass those misinterpretations down to students. (Also available on WikiofScience.)</p>