Mining the Poachers: Quantitative Analysis of Fanfiction Works Across Two Archives

2015-05-13T12:42:40Z (GMT) by Elizabeth Wickes
<p>Fanfiction, or stories written based on an existing franchise or canon, was first researched in depth by Jenkins (1992) with his publication “Textual Poachers.” Research has been completed into the culture and practices of these writing communities since then, but not much quantitative analysis has been completed on the works themselves. This project focuses on aggregating and providing basic descriptive analytics on works held within two archives: and Archive of Our Own. The purpose is to provide aggregate descriptive information on written fan works to inspire future qualitative research questions. Metadata for 2.5 million works from was compiled, along with a smaller selection from AO3. These preliminary results suggest that not all fanfiction stories are created equal. This is a fact implicitly understood by fans and researchers, but not measured or described across entire archives. Differences have been found in word length across source media, franchises, and archives.</p> <p>Poster presented at the 2015 GSLIS Research Showcase.</p> <p>(Updated version corrects some chart titles.)</p> <p> </p>



CC BY 4.0