Milky Way globular clusters in gamma-rays

Data generated from the paper De Menezes, Cafardo & Nemmen 2019, "Milky Way globular clusters in gamma-rays: analysing the dynamical formation of millisecond pulsars" published in MNRAS (DOI 10.1093/mnras/stz898). This dataset includes the following files:

1. all figures from the paper (``)
2. results of spectral fits to the globular clusters Fermi LAT emission (``)
3. FITS files with the TS maps for all sources (``)

More information about each of the data products above are included below. This text is also included in the file `` included.

# 1. Figures from paper

All the plots included in the latest version of the paper are included in file `` in the PNG format.

# 2. Spectral fits to the globular clusters *Fermi* LAT emission

The file `` includes ASCII files with the output from the spectral fits performed to each of the 157 globular clusters analysed, such as

- flux
- spectrum type
- prefactor
- index

The modelling was carried out with FermiPy v0.16.0.

# 3. FITS files with the TS maps for all sources

The file `` includes FITS files with the images for the TS maps generated for the field of each globular cluster.

The value of TS corresponds roughly to the square of the statistical significance of the presence of a point source above background, in standard deviations. As such, a value of TS=25 would correspond to a source detected at ~5sigma.