Microstructure, Texture and Microhardness Evolution during Annealing Heat Treatment and Mechanical Behavior of the Niobium-Stabilized Ferritic Stainless Steel ASTM 430 and Niobium-Titanium-Stabilized Ferritic Stainless Steel ASTM 439: a Comparative Study

<div><p>A comparison of the influence of microstructure and texture on mechanical behavior between the niobium-stabilized ferritic stainless steel type ASTM 430, 430Nb, and the niobium-titanium-stabilized ferritic stainless steel type ASTM 439 was performed. The two steels were supplied as cold rolled thin sheets and the annealing was interrupted in different temperatures aiming the characterization of the microstructure and texture in different stages of recrystallization using optical microscopy, Vickers microhardness and Electron Backscatter Diffraction. The annealed samples were tensile tested to determine the mechanical properties and undergone to Swift test to evaluate the drawability. The steel 430Nb showed smaller grain size and greater yield stress. The steel ASTM 439 presented higher normal anisotropy coefficient, R, and higher Limit Drawing Ratio due to greater proportion of γ fiber. These results are presented and discussed in terms of precipitates and crystallographic texture developed in the recrystallization of both steels.</p></div>