Microscopic characterization of the morphology of SH-SY5Y cells following exposure to Pt-Diss.

SH-SY5Y cells were cultivated either without any additional Pt-Diss as reference (A) or in culture medium containing 8.2 μg/ml (B), 4.1 μg/ml (C), 1.64 μg/ml (D) and 0.82 μg/ml (E) of the Pt components. Microscopic images demonstrated emerging cytotoxic effects of Pt in a concentration dependent-manner between 1.64 μg/ml and 8.2 μg/ml Pt-Diss concentration. Cell adhesion and growth appeared stable following exposure to Pt-Diss concentration of around 1.64 μg/ml. Even spontanous neurite sprouting could be observed, whereas the 8.2 μg/ml of the Pt-Diss concentration strongly induced detachment of the SH-SY5Y cells and subsequent cell death. Size of bars: 150 μm.