Micropropagation of <i>Semecarpus anacardium</i> L. from mature tree-derived nodal explants

2015-01-07T22:30:30Z (GMT) by B. M. Panda U. J. Mehta S. Hazra
<p>A protocol was established for micropropagation of <i>Semecarpus anacardium</i> L. from mature tree-derived twigs. Sixty percent of aseptic cultures were obtained by surface sterilization with Bavistin, liquid detergent, and cefotaxime. Elongated twigs collected before flowering were optimum for <i>in vitro</i> culture initiation. Meristematic activity was triggered at all concentrations of thidiazuron (TDZ) incorporated into Woody Plant Medium. TDZ suppressed elongation of axillary buds, resulting into swollen meristems and upon its elimination multiple shoot primordia formation and differentiation were noted. Differentiation and shoot elongation were slower in explants pre-cultured with higher concentrations of TDZ. Swollen axillary meristems pre-cultured on TDZ (9.08 and 13.62 μM) failed to differentiate, whereas TDZ at 2.27 μM was optimal for shoot differentiation and elongation. Multiple bud induction was favored by 4.45 μM of TDZ. Differentiation of multiple shoot primordia by repeated subculturing on growth regulator-free medium and rooting was 100% in filter-paper supported half-strength liquid medium containing 7.38 μM IBA. Rooting was 90% in shoots placed directly in half-strength liquid medium with 2.46 μM IBA. Rooted plantlets hardened in soil:sand mixture (1:1) were transferred to green house. Genetic uniformity of <i>in vitro</i> raised clones with mother plant was confirmed by Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat markers.</p>