Methylation analysis of the promoter region of TMEFF2

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Taken from "Control of carry-over contamination for PCR-based DNA methylation quantification using bisulfite treated DNA"

Nucleic Acids Research 2006;35(1):e4-e4.

Published online 28 Nov 2006


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12 colon cancer (black) and 12 healthy adjacent tissues (white) were processed with and without carry-over prevention procedure. The PMR values were calculated from the ratio of DNA values obtained by TMEFF2-HM and a reference real-time PCR. () Results from two measurements of SafeBis DNA using UNG for carry-over prevention are plotted. The values on the -axis were obtained from samples spiked with 10 000 copies of uracil containing TMEFF2 PCR products, representing a carry-over contamination. On the -axis, the PMR values from the same SafeBis DNA samples, without spiked amplificates, were plotted. () A correlation plot of the results from the standard method without carry-over prevention (-axis) and the results obtained from SafeBis DNA spiked with 10 000 copies contaminating PCR products and prior UNG treatment (-axis).



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