Metaphorical profiles of five Indonesian Quasi-synonyms of ANGER: Multiple distinctive collexeme analysis

2017-04-03T04:45:42Z (GMT) by Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg
This paper is published in the proceedings of the <i>International Congress of the Linguistic Society of Indonesia </i>(KIMLI 2014), pp. 165-170. The congress is held in 2014 in Lampung, Indonesia.<div><br></div><div>I include the input raw data and output for the <i>multiple distinctive collexeme analysis</i> in the paper. The input data is analysed using the <i>Coll.analysis 3.2, </i>an R script to conduct the variety of Collostructional Analysis.<br><br>To cite the paper, click the "cite" button and then select the citation style from the dropdown "datacite" grey button.<br></div>