Metadata for all DOIs in Crossref: JSON MongoDB exports of all works from the Crossref API

crossref-works.json.xz contains Crossref metadata for 87,542,370 DOIs retrieved by querying works from the Crossref API.<div><br></div><div><div>Queries began on 2017-03-21 and completed on 2017-04-02. The process died or stalled several times, but was restarted using the API's cursor. Accordingly, the works should represent the Crossref database as of 2017-03-21.</div></div><div><code><br></code></div><div><code>crossref-works.json.xz</code> is an xz-compressed file of exported works from MongoDB. It was created using <a href=""><code>mongoexport</code></a> and can be imported into MongoDB using <a href=""><code>mongoimport</code></a>. The file as a whole is not actually valid JSON. However, each line of the file is valid JSON and encodes a single work retrieved from the Crossref API. Accordingly, you can read this file without <code>mongoimport</code> by splitting at newlines and parsing each line as JSON.<br></div><div><br></div><div>See for more information. The versioned shortDOI for this figshare article is</div><div><br></div>