Metabolite BridgeDb ID Mapping Database (20170826)

2017-08-26T21:16:12Z (GMT) by Egon Willighagen
<div>BridgeDb ID mapping database for metabolites, using HMDB 3.6 (26 August 2017), ChEBI 154, and Wikidata (26 August 2017) as data sources. Two significant changes: Mappings to the EPA CompTox Dashboard have been added (about 36 thousand) and it is using a newer HMDB 3.6 version with many more compounds. If you experience problems, please report on the project page. See the attached QC for more details on the changes.</div><div><br></div><div>If you use this data in your research, please cite that data set, and the BridgeDb, ChEBI, and HMDB articles.</div>