Meta-Data of Papers in India Software Engineering Conference from 2008 to 2016

2016-09-21T15:02:53Z (GMT) by Ashish Sureka

The India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC) is an annual conference in the field of Software Engineering (SE) in India. ISEC started in the year 2008 and completed 9 years in 2016. The dataset contains meta-data of 9 years of ISEC publications and programs.  The dataset contains information about ISEC program (paper submission data, tutorials, workshops, keynotes, invited talks, geographical location, programs and general chairs), author-affiliation-based geographical contributions (international and national levels), topics, university and industry collaborations, contributions across university types in India, prolific authors and new authors, gender equality and imbalance, program committee characteristics, open-source or close-source datasets and citation-based impact. A paper on the dataset analysis is published in ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes (September Issue 2016). The title of the paper is “A Nine Year Story of the India Software Engineering Conference from 2008 to 2016” published by Richa Sharma and Ashish Sureka.