Meta-Data of Papers in Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference from 2010 to 2015

2016-09-21T16:47:27Z (GMT) by Ashish Sureka

The Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC) is an annual conference started in the year 1994 in Tokyo (Japan) with the aim of brining software engineering researchers and practitioners from both university and industry around the world to exchange research results and ideas. APSEC 1994 (Tokyo, Japan) was the first edition of the conference and the annual event completes 23 editions in 2016 (Hamilton, New Zealand). The dataset contains meta-data on APSEC 2010 to APSEC 2015 papers from various  perspectives such as paper acceptance rates, conference location, scholarly output of various countries, keynotes, workshops, conference organizers and sponsors, tutorials, prolific authors, citation impact, internal and external collaboration, university and industry participation and collaboration, gender imbalance, topical analysis, yearly author churn and program committee characteristics. The paper titled “A Review of Six Years of Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference” by Lov Kumar, Saikrishna Sripada and Ashish Sureka published in APSEC 2016 is based on this dataset