Mendeley reader counts for F1000Prime papers

2015-02-12T08:03:27Z (GMT) by Robin Haunschild Lutz Bornmann
<p>The raw data are provided as a comma separated values (CSV) file.<br>Columns 1, 2, and 4 contain identifiers. Column 3 indicates if this is<br>the first occurence of this paper (1) or if the paper occurs again (2,<br>3, 4, ...) with a new recommendation. Columns 5 and 6 contain the<br>PubmedID and DOI. Column 7 contains the total number of Mendeley readers<br>of this paper. Columns 8 to 32 contain the number of Mendeley readers in<br>the disciplines, while column 33 contains the sum of readers over all<br>disciplines. Note that the value in column 33 and 7 is not equal for all<br>papers, because the discipline is a voluntary piece of information</p>