Members of Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e. V. (dbv)

2013-03-08T21:50:05Z (GMT) by Christian Hauschke

Members of Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e. V. (dbv).

Data includes:

Mitgliedsnummer = dbv member ID

Sigel = library code

DBS-ID = library ID in Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik (DBS, German Library Statistics)

Bibliothek = library

Institution = institution

Anrede = title (all titles where shortened to "Herr" and "Frau" where applicable)

PLZ-Strasse = Postal Code

Ort = location

Landesverband/Bundesland = German federal state (plus one library in China)

Sektion = dbv section

Data is as of February 25, 2013, and is published with friendly permission of Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V.




CC BY 4.0