Measurement of cardiac function using dual catheterization in the Dahl SS rat on low salt

2013-06-18T21:48:05Z (GMT) by Shiv Tewari

The assessment of cardiovascular function in both animal and human studies has traditionally focused on left ventricular pressure and volume measurements. However, quantifying the interaction of left ventricular function with the right ventricle and cardiovascular system as a whole extends this functional assessment to the systems level. Computational models of the heart and circulatory system incorporating left and right ventricular function have been developed but experimental data describing simultaneous function of both right and left side of the heart have not been previously measured and analyzed with these models.

Here, we studied cardiac performance in rats by measuring left ventricular pressure-volume and right ventricular pressure simultaneously using a pressure-volume conductance catheter in the left ventricle and a pressure-tip catheter in the right ventricle. This study focuses on development of the experimental protocol and using it to assess normal cardiovascular function in the Dahl SS rat (SS/JrHsdMcwiCrl) on low salt as a baseline for comparative studies. It was found that this dual catheterization measurement method sufficiently informs our computational model, defines cardiac and cardiovascular system function and provides an excellent platform for future comparison of cardiovascular system function between strains on different diets such as Dahl SS and SS.13BN on low and high salt.



CC BY 4.0