Maximum likelihood phylogeny (PhyML) of <i>unc-29</i> codon sequence from clade III and clade V nematodes.

<p>Standard nomenclature indicates the species. Asu: <i>A</i>. <i>suum</i>, Tzc: <i>T</i>. <i>callipaeda</i>, Bma: <i>B</i>. <i>malayi</i>, Llo: <i>L</i>. <i>loa</i>, Dim: <i>D</i>. <i>immitis</i>, Ovo: <i>O</i>. <i>volvulus</i>, Lsi: <i>L</i>. <i>sigmodontis</i>, Avi: <i>A</i>. <i>viteae</i>, Cjp: <i>C</i>. <i>japonica</i>, Cel: <i>C</i>. <i>elegans</i>, Cre, <i>C</i>. <i>remanei</i>, Ctr, <i>C</i>. <i>tropicalis</i>, Cbr, <i>C</i>. <i>briggsae</i>, Pex: <i>P</i>. <i>exspectatus</i>, Ppa: <i>P</i>. <i>pacificus</i>, Hco: <i>H</i>. <i>contortus</i>, Tci: <i>T</i>. <i>circumcincta</i>, Tco: <i>T</i>. <i>colubriformis</i>, Acs: <i>A</i>. <i>costaricensis</i>, Dvi: <i>D</i>. <i>viviparus</i>, Ode: <i>O</i>. <i>dentatum</i>, Aca: <i>A</i>. <i>caninum</i>, Ace: <i>A</i>. <i>ceylenicum</i>, Nbr: <i>N</i>. <i>brasiliensis</i>. Reliable nodes with SH support of more than 0.9 are indicated by a white circle. Nodes corresponding to inferred duplication events are indicated by a yellow circle. doi:<a href="" target="_blank">10.1016/</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">10.1093/sysbio/syq010</a></p>