Marx as a reference for analysing relationships between science, technology and society?: avoiding mistakes and expanding possibilities in the application of Marxian concepts of surplus value theory in the STS field

Abstract: In contemporary capitalism, in which the productive application of science, techniques and technology has a determinant role, it is necessary to search for reference models that are capable of explaining its subjacent processes, as well as the broader social effects. In this sense, this paper aims at critically analyzing the entitled paper Marx como referencial para análise de relações entre ciência, tecnologia e sociedade, indicating aspects, due to its attempt to appropriate the Marxian concepts of the theory of surplus value for the critical comprehension of STS relations. From a conceptual confusion, basically founded on a deficient distinction among duration, intensity and productivity of labor, the concepts of the absolute and relative surplus diverge from the original Marxian definitions. Because of this and for centralizing its analysis in the reduction of workforce value, the complexity of the capitalist relations and social development due to the scientific and technological changes are put aside.