Market Driven Transition Capability for Cyclus Simulations

2014-08-11T22:44:40Z (GMT) by Kathryn Huff

The CYCLUS Fuel Cycle Simulator is a framework for assessment of nuclear fuel cycle options. While CYCLUS has previously simulated system transitions from the current fuel cycle strategy to a future option, those tran- sitions have never previously been driven by market forces in the simulation. This work includes the first draft of a set of libraries that have been contibuted to the CYCLUS framework to enable a market-driven transition analysis.

The CYCLUS simulation framework is incomplete without a suite of dynamically loadable libraries representing the process physics of the nuclear fuel cycle (i.e. mining, fuel fabrication, chemical processing, transmutation, reprocessing, etc.). Within Cycamore, the additional modules repository within the CYCLUS ecosystem, provides some basic li- braries to represent these processes. However, extension of CYCLUS with new capabilities is community-driven, relying on contributions by user-developers. The libraries contributed in this work are examples of such contributions.

This work relies heavily on the CycStub repository which included contributions from myself, Kathryn Huff, as well as Matthew Gidden, Anthony Scopatz, Robert Carlsen, Paul Wilson, and Olzhas Rahkimov at the University of Wisconsin - Madison within the Computational Nuclear Engineering Research Group (CNERG).