Mapping multi-day GPS data: a cartographic study in NYC

2015-07-08T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Dustin T. Duncan Seann D. Regan
<p>Multi-day Global Positioning System (GPS) data are increasingly being used in research – including in the field of spatial epidemiology. We present several maps as ways to present multi-day GPS data. Data come from the NYC Low-Income Housing, Neighborhoods and Health Study (<i>n </i>= 120). Participants wore a QStarz BT-Q1000XT GPS device for about a week (mean: 7.44, SD = 2.15). Our maps show various ways to visualize multi-day GPS data; these data are presented by overall GPS data, by weekday/weekend and by day of the week. We discuss implications for each of the maps.</p>