Ebola and the Ugandan road network

2012-08-22T15:16:00Z (GMT) by Glenn Lawyer
<p>We speculate if the 28 July Ebola outbreak in Kigadi had the potential to spread further by analyzing the Ugandan road network. This figure shows the network, with Kigadi marked in red.</p> <p>The write-up, including the code used to create the figure and to extract the network graph from the shapefile, is available at: <a href="http://www.scipirate.com/2012/08/did-the-kigadi-ebola-outbreak-threaten-to-become-an-international-epidemic/">http://www.scipirate.com/2012/08/did-the-kigadi-ebola-outbreak-threaten-to-become-an-international-epidemic/</a></p> <p>twitter: @piratesci</p>