Manipulated Animal Community Database

2014-03-21T21:52:47Z (GMT) by Sarah Supp
<p>6,698 records indicated the presence and abundance of animal species, including representatives across trophic groups and size classes documented at 254 sites throughout the world, encompassing a variety of habitats. We accessed peer-reviewed articles, government publications, and theses that were freely available with the Utah State University library subscription and were published in English. We extracted data from articles that reported species-level abundance for a control community and at least one manipulated community. The data here represent a single data point each for the control treatment and the manipulated treatment(s) in each study. Data came from a wide variety of sites including artificial experiments (i.e., caged exclosures, habitat modules, nutrient addition) and human-mediated “natural” experiments (e.g., wildfire or controlled burn, logging, grazed plots, pollution). Sites represent all continents except Antarctica, and widely varying terrestrial animal groups (arachnid, insect, herpetofauna [reptiles and amphibians], mammal, and bird).</p>