CLSM volume rendered media file showing the male genitalia of Ceraphron sp. 12, ventral view (PSUCIM_3094)

2012-12-05T21:13:09Z (GMT) by Istvan Miko
<p>Specimen data:</p> <p>PSUCIM_3094: Madagascar, Ambohitantely Special Reserve, 18°13'31"S 47°17'13"E, 1410m, BLF3694, litter / montane rainforest, Ambohitantely Forest, 20.9km (72°) NE Ankazobe, Antananarivo Auto. Prov., -18.2253 47.2869, minimum 1410 (interpreted as 1410 metres), CASENT 2136705, Fisher, Griswold, et al. BLF3694</p>
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