Making it machine readable or the public (doesn't) get it!

2016-04-16T21:51:57Z (GMT) by Neil Chue Hong
<p>Presentation at FORCE2016 in session "No see, no touch traps: still struggling to escape or free at last?"</p><p><br></p><p>Abstract: Open Access has made research available to everyone by freeing the licensing restrictions on it. But in many cases it is still impenetrable and unusable from people outside the field it is published in. If we really want to open our research, we must make it available for reuse and reproduction by others: which can only be done effectively if it can be made machine understandable. In particular for data, this allows rich new tools and interfaces to be developed, enabling others to explore and understand the underlying information. This relies on researchers having a basic understanding of computational literacy to help make the connections - the modern equivalent of being able to understand how to cite and reference works properly.</p> <p><br></p>