Maize root emergence

2015-05-12T17:57:11Z (GMT) by Guillaume Lobet
<p>## Root emergence data</p> <p>- Genotype:<br>- B73</p> <p>- Conditions:<br>- Light: 400 PAR<br>- Temperature: 24°C<br>- Day length: 16h</p> <p>- Culture:<br>- Seeds were geminated in petri dishes<br>- Seedling were transferred to the hydroponic setup when the primary roots was 2cm long<br>- Hydroponic with full strength Hoagland solution<br>- Started on the 2015-02-27</p> <p>- Sampling<br>- plants were taken out of the setup and directed at different times points (see data file for dates)</p> <p> </p>




CC BY 4.0