Maize and Sorghum Genesets

2015-09-09T21:49:26Z (GMT) by James Schnable
<p>This dataset consists of a set of bed files describing the positions of syntenic and nonsyntenic genes in maize, as well as aggregate counts for these two gene classes in sliding windows of either 5 MB (step size = 1 MB) or 1 MB (step size = 1 MB, no overlap).</p> <p>Two additional bed files describe the predicted orthologous locations of sorghum genes within the two subgenomes of maize.</p> <p>One attempts to predict the location for each sorghum gene in each maize subgenome (33,032*2=66,064) and succeeds in predicting locations in 59,384 cases. </p> <p>The second file only considers genes syntenically conserved between sorghum and setaria as a method of eliminating the influence of recent gene insertion hotspots within the sorghum genome. This file is recommended for most applications.</p> <p>A product of the Schnable Lab@UNL</p>