Main Dataset for "Evolution of Popular Music: USA 1960–2010"

2015-04-06T20:15:48Z (GMT) by Matthias Mauch
<p>This is a large file (~20MB) called EvolutionPopUSA_MainData.csv, in comma-separated data format with column headers. Each row corresponds to a recording. The file is viewable in any text editor, and can also be opened in Excel or imported to other data processing programs.</p> <p>Below is a list of the column headers, with annotations.</p> <p><strong>public_id</strong><br>unique ID of the recording</p> <p><strong>artist_name</strong><br>name of the recording artist</p> <p><strong>artist_name_clean</strong><br>artist name all upper case, no spaces, with secondary artists ("featuring") removed.</p> <p><strong>track_name</strong><br>name of the track, i.e. usually name of the song</p> <p><strong>first_entry</strong><br>date of the first entry into the Billboard Hot 100</p> <p><strong>quarter, year, fiveyear, decade</strong><br>transformations of first_entry to coarser time periods</p> <p><strong>era</strong><br>era the track belongs to (1,...,4), as determined by Foote segmentation on the PC data (see below)</p> <p><strong>cluster</strong><br>cluster membership of the track, as derived by k-means clustering on the PC data (see below)</p> <p><strong>hTopic_01, ... , hTopic_08</strong><br>harmonic Topic weights, see description in the paper</p> <p><strong>tTopic_01, ... , tTopic_08</strong><br>timbral Topic weights, see description in the paper</p> <p><strong>PC1, ... , PC14</strong><br>principal components of the harmonic and timbral Topics</p> <p><strong>harm_…</strong><br>193 columns of chord change counts; the chord change is indicated in the column label (e.g. harm_M.2.M means major chord followed by another major chord 2 semitones up).</p> <p><strong>timb_01, ... , timb_35</strong><br>35 columns of timbre class counts (see description in supplementary information)</p>