Müller et al. 2016

The data file provides the background data used for the calculation of primary production in sea ice. There are different sheets, giving general information about the ice and the weather conditions, absorption data for CDOM and particles, biogeochemical properties such as salinity, pH or Chlorophyll a. The light conditions are described by the data in this file in the PAR sheet giving the measured PAR values for one of the stations (St.3) and the typical conditions in mean March in the Gulf of Finland, as further explained in the publication. For these two cases, also the calculated surface light spectrum is given. The PI sheet provides the results of the incubation experiment, giving the 14C that was taken up by each treatment and the corresponding irradiance (see publication for details). For further data, such as the model results (for certain ice layers f.ex.) or the model code, please contact the first author.