MSAP data

MSAP data at different levels of data processing: The spreadsheet “Raw_msap_calc” contains the input file for msap_calc.R, spreadsheet “MSAP Raw Data” contains the multistate data of combined HpaII and MspI profiles at the epilocus level, and spreadsheet “MSAP Subepiloci Data” contains the final binary data at the subepilocus level. For “Raw_msap_calc” the first three columns provide the population ID, the sample ID (population ID + individual sample number) and used methylation sensitive restriction enzymes (H=HpaII, M=MspI). The first row provides the marker ID (selective primer combination + fragment size). For “MSAP Raw Data” and “MSAP Subepiloci Data” the first column provides the sample ID and the first row provides the marker ID. In addition, for “MSAP Subepiloci” the three subepiloci types (n, m, h) are indicated in the second row.