MOESM7 of Transcriptomic profiling and quantitative high-throughput (qHTS) drug screening of CDH1 deficient hereditary diffuse gastric cancer (HDGC) cells identify treatment leads for familial gastric cancer

Additional file 7: Figure S5. Selective pharmacological vulnerabilities of c.1380delA SB.mhdgc-1 versus SB.msgc-1 gastric cancer cells identified by comparative qHTS screening with the MIPE Oncology 4.0 library. A, Bubble diagram of drug phenotypes by compound class of SB.mhdgc-1 versus SB.msgc-1 cells depicting class activities (number of compounds per drug class) measured by maximum response (max response SB.mhdgc-1 / max response SB.msgc-1). B, Bubble diagram comparing drug activities measured by potency (logAC50SB.mhdgc-1 versus logAC50SB.msgc-1).