MOESM5 of Structure, phylogeny, and expression of the frizzled-related gene family in the lophotrochozoan annelid Platynereis dumerilii

Additional file 5: Figure S2. Expression of sfrp1/2/5 during early development of Platynereis. Additional side views of (A-D) WMISH of sfrp1/2/5, and (A’-D’) false color images of WMISH (red) overlain with DAPI stained nuclear images (blue) in 10 hpf embryos (related to Fig. 9D-D''). (A, A’) view of the A quadrant, (B, B’) view of the B quadrant. (C, C’) view of the C quadrant, and (D, D’) view of the D quadrant. All images are oriented with the animal pole up. Asterisks indicate animal pole. Double arrows indicate the orientation of the animal-vegetal axis (A-V).