MOESM5 of Genome-wide SNP data unveils the globalization of domesticated pigs

Additional file 5: Figure S3. Population structure of each population revealed by the ADMIXTURE software at K = 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 16. We marked the grouping of pig populations on the top of the graph to improve its readability. The first layer of the legend marks the five groups: Asia, Europe, America, Commercial and AF&OC (Africa and Oceania). The second layer of the legend further denotes more specific regions in corresponding continents: ASWB (Asian wild boars), CNDM_W (Chinese western domestic pigs), CNDM_N (Chinese northern domestic pigs), CNDM_S (Chinese southern domestic pigs), ① (Chinese hybrid pigs), ② (Southeast Asian pigs); EUWB (European wild boars), EUDM_S (European southern domestic pigs), UKDM (English domestic pigs), EUDM_N (European northern domestic pigs), RUDM (domestic pigs in Russia and its neighbor countries); AMFR (American feral pigs), AMDM (American domestic pigs); LD (Landrace), LW (Large White), PI (Pietrain), DU (Duroc); AF&OC (Pigs from Africa and Oceania).