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MOESM3 of Yeast lysates carrying the nucleoprotein from measles virus vaccine as a novel subunit vaccine platform to deliver Plasmodium circumsporozoite antigen

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posted on 29.06.2017 by Daria Jacob, Claude Ruffie, Chantal Combredet, Pauline Formaglio, Rogerio Amino, Robert Ménard, Frédéric Tangy, Monica Sala
Additional file 3: Figure S3. Isotyping of humoral IgG responses at day 42: IgG1 (A), IgG2a (B), and IgG2b (C) in mice immunized with 30, 150 and 300 YU of N-PbCS non-adjuvanted yeast lysates. Bars correspond to median values per group. “x3”-three bi-weekly immunizations; “x5”-five weekly immunizations. Mouse sera were analysed at 1/103 dilution. Asterisks (*) indicate significant median differences (one symbol for p < 0.05, two for p < 0.005, Mann–Whitney nonparametric test). Antibody titers of the non-parasitized mouse are encircled.


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