MOESM3 of Parent-offspring regression to estimate the heritability of an HIV-1 trait in a realistic setup

Additional file 3: Figure S1. Sensitivity analysis. For this figure different parameters for the OU process were compared in light of the goodness of the PO estimator. Standard deviation of the normal distribution and all OU parameters (around the one inferred with ml.poumm function of the POUMM package [15]) were used to simulate a trait 100 times for each parameter combination, for each of them the PO estimator was plotted against the true heritability of only the transmission pairs. The different parameters have the following influence on the simulation: Sd-env: standard deviation of the environmental component (normal distribution). Sigma: standard-deviation of the random component for each branch (constant). Alpha: strength of the selective constraint for each branch (constant). Theta: optimum for each branch (constant).