MOESM3 of PDL regeneration via cell homing in delayed replantation of avulsed teeth

Additional file 3: Figure S2. Masson staining of roots. a, b: regeneration sites, periodontal connective tissue was seen interposing between the intact or repaired cementum and bone, The newly formed bundles of collagen fibers interposed between the cementum on the root surface and the adjacent alveolar bone. From the localized area(indicated by black arrow heads); c-f: inflammatory root resorption: intensive inflammation was observed with the accumulation of numerous inflammation cells around the surface of the root(c, d); the root structure was almost gone and only a few dentinal tubules debris could be identified.(e, f). a, c, e: 10× ; b, d, f: 20× . (PDL: periodontal ligament; Den: dentin; Cem: cement).