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MOESM3 of Canine respiratory coronavirus employs caveolin-1-mediated pathway for internalization to HRT-18G cells

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posted on 03.07.2018 by Artur Szczepanski, Katarzyna Owczarek, Aleksandra Milewska, Zbigniew Baster, Zenon Rajfur, Judy Mitchell, Krzysztof Pyrc
Additional file 3. Co-localization of CRCoV with markers of late endosomes and lysosomes. A. CRCoV do not co-localize with late endosomes marker Rab7. B. CRCoV do not co-localize with lysosome marker LAMP1. C. Negative control D. Co-localization change in time. Cells treated with virus were synchronized on ice for 60 min and incubated at 37  °C before they were washed and fixed. Rab7 and LAMP1 are presented in red and CRCoV nucleocapsid protein in green. Cell nuclei are blue. Scale bar 10 µm.


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