MOESM1 of Mineralogical study on volcanic ash of the eruption on September 27, 2014 at Ontake volcano, central Japan: correlation with porphyry copper systems

Additional file 1. Mineral assemblages of altered rock fragments in the volcanic ash. All of mineral assemblages we obtained from the volcanic ash are shown. †: Minerals name are abbreviated as: Si: Silica mineral, Pyr: pyrite, Anh: anhydrite, Gyp: gypsum, Alu: alunite, Kao: 7 Å-kaolin-group mineral, Pyl: pyrophyllite, Mus: muscovite, Chl: chlorite, Bi: biotite, Grt: garnet, Kfs(Or): potassic feldspar with orthoclase percent in the bracket, Ab(Ab): albite with albite percent the bracket, Pl(An): plagioclase with anorthite percent in the bracket, Ano(Ab): anorthoclase with albite percent the bracket, Px: pyroxene, and. Rul: rutile. ††: Samples named “coarse” is a grain in the coarse fraction and “med” is a grain in the medium fraction.