MOESM1 of Fate of the UPR marker protein Kar2/Bip and autophagic processes in fed-batch cultures of secretory insulin precursor producing Pichia pastoris

Additional file 1. Growth performance and intracellular Kar2/Bip level of P. pastoris X-33 carrying the aox1 promoter-controlled IP gene during batch growth in a 2 L bioreactor with different initial glycerol concentrations (30 to 125 g/L). (A) The time-dependent changes in the biomass (top), glycerol concentration (middle), and osmolarity of the culture broth (bottom) are given (initial glycerol concentration 30 g/L, open squares; 60 g/L, full squares; 95 g/L, open circles; and 125 g/L full circles). B) SDS-PAGE gels and (C) corresponding immunoblots probing for Kar2/Bip in total cell lysates (all samples from the mid-exponential growth phase). The numbers on top of the lanes denote the initial glycerol concentration and “r” the repetition batch experiment. M denotes the molecular weight marker and the other numbers on the bottom of the lanes the batch culture post-inoculation sampling time points.