MOESM1 of Characterization of novel Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV) antisense transcripts by deep sequencing reveals constitutive expression in tumors and transcriptional interaction with viral microRNAs

Additional file 1: Figure S1. RT-PCR in bovine and ovine tumors. Figure S2. Eighteen 3’RACE libraries mapped to the BLV genome. Figure S3. BLV AS1 potential open reading frame. Figure S4. Knock down of AS1 with locked nucleic acids. Figure S5. Continued antisense transcription in the defective provirus T1345. Table S1. RNA sequencing results. Table S2. Output of Coding Potential Assessment Tool (CPAT). Table S3. Sequence conservation of BLV AS1 and Tax sequences. Table S4. Oligonucleotides used. Text S1. Extended materials and methods.