MOESM1 of Characteristic strategy of assimilation of various saccharides by Clostridium cellulovorans

Additional file 1: Fig S1. Oligosaccharide assimilation by C. cellulovorans. C. cellulovorans was grown in media containing 6 g/L glucose, 6 g/L cellobiose, and 6 g/L xylooligosaccharides mixture (a), 10 g/L glucose and 10 g/L xylooligosaccharides (b), 10 g/L cellobiose and 10 g/L xylooligosaccharides (c). Residual sugar amount was normalized to that of 0 h (set to 100%). Closed circles, glucose; open triangles, cellobiose; open squares, xylooligosaccharide. All points were measured in triplicate. Error bars represent means Âą SEs.