Loughborough University - Network Traffic with Port Scanning Attack

Each row of the file is a per second entry<div><br></div><div>The dataset was gathered from a real LAN in a research office during 9 days and comprises normal traffic and traces of port scanning  attacks.</div><div><br></div><div>The file contains the following columns:</div><div><div>[1] Date dd/MM/YY</div><div>[2] Time hh:mm:ss</div><div>[3] Number of frames transmitted per second</div><div>[4] Number of distinct Source MAC addresses per second</div><div>[5] Number of distinct Destination MAC addresses per second</div><div>[6] Throughput (bytes per second)</div><div>[7] Number of distinct Source Ports per second</div><div>[8] Number of distinct Destination Ports per second</div><div>[9] Flag  (i.e., 1 if entry includes port scanning activity or 0, if it is just normal traffic)</div></div>