Longevity in transinfected <i>Ae</i>. <i>aegypti</i> lines.

<p>Triplicate cages of age-controlled (emergence within 24 h) adults (~150 males and ~150 females/cage) were maintained at 26°C, 65% relative humidity and a 12:12 h light:dark cycle in a climate controlled room. The number of dead males and/or females was recorded and carcasses removed daily until all mosquitoes in the cages were dead. Data are the total % survival from the three cages/line. Significant differences were observed for <i>w</i>Ri females (p<0.0001), <i>w</i>Mel (p<0.05) and <i>w</i>MelCS (p<0.05) males, relative to their respective Tet control line. <i>w</i>Pip had a significantly shorter lifespan for both males and females compared its matched Tet-control (p<0.0001). Statistical analysis was performed using a Log-rank (Mantel-Cox) test.</p>