Longevity data of Experiment2

This is the raw data for workers used in the longevity experiment in Experiment2. Definition of column headings: - Group no.: identification number of the 3-worker groups - Colony no.: identification number of the mother colonies - Treatment: social treatment applied to the workers (F+ or F-) - Worker no.: identification number of the workers - Focal/Non-focal: type of worker within the group (focal or non-focal) - Eclosion date: eclosion date of the workers - Pre-starting date: date at which the non-focal workers in treatment F- were grouped in the plastic boxes - Starting date: date at which 3-worker groups were formed - Death date: date at which workers died - Longevity: age of the workers at death in days - Mean oocyte: mean length of all eight terminal oocytes (mm) - Longest oocyte: length of the longest visible oocyte (mm) - Body size: length of the radial cell in a forewing (mm)