Long-Lived Electronic Coherence of Iodine in the Condensed Phase: Sharp Zero-Phonon Lines in the B↔X Absorption and Emission of I2 in Solid Xe

Our study of B←X absorption of molecular iodine (I2) isolated in a low-temperature crystalline xenon has revealed an exceptionally long-lived electronic coherence in condensed phase conditions. The visible absorption spectrum shows prominent vibronic structure in the form of zero-phonon lines (ZPLs) and phonon side bands (PSBs). The resolved spectrum implies weak interaction of the chromophore to the lattice degrees of freedom. The coherence extends past the vibrational period of the excited state molecule, unlike that observed in any condensed phase environment for I2 so far. The ZP transitions from the relaxing B-state populations were resolved in the hot luminescence when the 532 nm laser was used for excitation.