Location of the site of Canímar Abajo and the distribution of burials.

The site of Canímar Abajo: a) location of the site at the Bay of Matanzas and on the map of Cuba (outlined in the lower left corner). Reprinted from [18] under a CC BY licence with permission from the University of Arizona, original copyright (2015); and uses the open source satellite map (http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/imagepolicy/); b) horizontal distribution of burials on the excavation grid of the site and the location of individuals discussed in the text: black dots represent Older Cemetery (OC) burials; gray rhombs represent Younger Cemetery (YC) burials; c) schematic representation of the profile of Canímar Abajo with dated burials discussed in the text. Black dots indicate OC burials; gray rhombs indicate YC burials. 14C laboratory numbers are given with their corresponding dates.