Localization of the lesion.

(A) The user interface of FUSED (Easy Tiger Apps LLC; App Store; Apple Inc.). The sagittal photograph in the green panel was selected as the background and the MR image in the blue panel as the foreground. The two images are shown simultaneously in the red panel. Coregistration was performed according to anatomical landmarks. Gridlines are drawn on the skin in advance. With reference to the fused image, the lesion’s surface projection is depicted on the skin (small image in red panel). (B) By drawing two lines representing the vertical planes for the mid-sagittal plane (white arrows), the anterior and posterior tumor boundaries are determined. By measuring the distances of the lesion from the mid-sagittal line in an axial slice (small image), the lateral and medial boundary can be determined (blue arrows). (C) CT markers are pasted indicating the anterior, posterior, and lateral boundaries. (D) and (E) CT images with markers (white arrows). (D) On the coronal slice, a line touching the lateral edge of the lesion and the edge of the marker is drawn parallel to the midline. (E) On the sagittal slice, a vertical line touching the anterior edges of the lesion and the marker is drawn on the brain surface.