Livid hawkweed (Hieracium bifidum Kit. ex Hornem), a new species for the red list of Lower Silesia, in the Pełcznica Gorge (Wałbrzych-Bolków Foothills, Sudetes)

2012-07-06T14:27:40Z (GMT) by Kamila Reczyńska Krzysztof Świerkosz
<p>The paper provides detailed information on a locality of Hieracium bifidum in the Pełcznica Gorge (Wałbrzych-Bolków Foothills, Lower Silesia, SW. Poland), with particular reference to the population size and role of the species in the plant communities. The studied population of H. bifidum is a part of the community clasified as Asplenietum trichomano-rutae-murariae Kuhn 1937 association. In other regions of Central Europe the species prefers high-altitude dry swards and rocky swards on calcareous substrata. Distribution analysis of all sites in the Sudetes shows that H. bifidum should be included in the red list of endengered species of Lower Silesia as a vulnerable species (VU).</p>