List of bona fide members of nearby, young moving groups

<p>This is a list of bona fide members to nearby, young associations, along with kinematic, 2MASS and WISE information.</p> <p>Please cite Gagné et al. 2014 (see link) when using these tables.</p> <p>Edit August 23, 2014 : I added a small IDL package to read the .csv tables into an IDL structure ( Feel free to use it with this package. The syntax to use this routine would look like this :</p> <p>IDL> struc = read_csv_gagne2014('/Somepath/Argus__Argus.csv')</p> <p>And then you can view the structure content of the bonafide member #i with :</p> <p>IDL> help,struc[i]</p> <p>Or, for example, view all spectral types with :</p> <p>IDL> print,struc.spt</p>




CC BY 4.0