Lipid and fatty acid dynamics in mature female albacore tuna (<i>Thunnus alalunga</i>) in the western Indian Ocean - Fig 2

<p><b>Boxplots showing variations in (a) total lipid content (TL) levels (</b>μ<b>g mg</b><sup><b>-1</b></sup> <b>wet weight) and (b)-(e) lipid classes (</b>μ<b>g mg</b><sup><b>-1</b></sup> <b>wet weight) in gonads (white) and liver (grey) of female albacore tuna with ovary phase</b>. SCP: spawning-capable, RGN: regressing, OPS: other post-spawning, WE: wax esters, TAG: triacylglycerols, ST: sterols, PL: phospholipids.</p>