Library and political communication

2013-07-16T17:14:31Z (GMT) by Tetiana Granchak
<p> </p> <p>The thesis is devoted to consideration of theoretical, historical, functional and prognostic aspects of participating of library social institution in the processes of political communication. It is proved that the library in the system of political communication functions as an information base, an indirect channel and functional entity implementing a majority of the functions of political communication.</p> <p>It has been proved that the development of information function of libraries, beginning production of their own information and analytical products, creating of special information and analytical divisions in the structure of the library institutions have contributed to the acquisition by libraries status of the subjects of political communication.</p> <p>It’s been identified strategic areas of operation of libraries in the system of political communication – political-communicative interaction with authorities and representatives of civil society. The current experience of libraries in these areas was summarized; the ways of optimization of library systems in the context of their participation in political and communication processes to enhance the effectiveness of political communication and promotion of sustainable social development were outlined.</p>